HOLDEN LAX employs the best coaches and trainers to elevate your game to the next level.



We provide private coaching and training on an individual basis.  Training consists of a variety of topics; shooting, ground balls, defense, fast breaks, dodging, stick skills, attacking, clears, draw controls, and man-up/man-down situations.  Each session is tailored to individual players needs and desires.



Our camps are open to local players, beginners through advanced, who are looking to have fun while improving their lacrosse skills.  We break up players by age and skill level to refine skills and work in small groups for more individualized instruction.

College Consulting

Playing lacrosse at the college level is the goal of many young players.  We can help you get organized and structure your approach to get into the best program possible.


Strength and Agility

Fitness is the foundation to performance, and we focus specifically on developing strength, agility, and durability in our athletes. Nutrition is also a key factor in the performance of our athletes. Each player will receive an individualized nutrition plan to boost their performance on and off the field.