The Love of the Game

Women's lacrosse is a rising sport in US and one that has captured the hearts of many young female athletes. Some parents have said to me, "My daughter has traded in her soccer equipment for lacrosse sticks." and "I only see my daughters practicing lacrosse in the backyard." Lacrosse won my heart at an early age and I never put down my stick. It is a fun, fast, dynamic team sport that should be spread across the US. Part of my mission is to share my passion and spread the love of the game. I am a second grade teacher at a charter school in East Palo Alto, CA and just giving my students sticks and gear and a few tips on how to catch and throw, I watch my students play every day during recess with huge smiles on their faces. My goal is to help girls of all ages reach their goals and potential on and off the lacrosse field. Whether its to make the JV team or go to college to play lacrosse, I will do whatever it takes to help them reach those goals.  Lax on!      - Jen 

Summer Success

Holden Lax had another successful lacrosse camp this July in Alexandra, VA. 62 girls improved their game during a week of fun filled drills and scrimmages.  Dynamic duo and co-captains at UVA, Jen Holden and Blair Wheymouth, lead camp, bringing both attacking and defending stills from the University of Virginia. Campers were able to work one-on-one with all coaches each day through rotating stations that focused on stick skills, footwork, off ball movement, setting picks, cutting, ground balls, attacking, defense and much more. Lots of small games and scrimmages helped girls to apply the stills learned in stations and gave coached the opportunity to reinforce these skills in a game setting. Campers made huge improvements while having fun playing a sport they love! We even had new players to the game who left with the basic skills to feel successful on the field. Some quotes from girls during camp, "Its hot, but still fun!", "Mom, can I come back next year?", "This is the best camp ever!!! (as she ran through the sprinklers). We look forward to another successful camp next summer! Lax on!